Get a long-lasting digital data file of your product with prints (on request). Please contact iiphotos for your specific need. In most cases you may pay after you see the small-size completed image of your request.

Retouching old damaged photos
Removing or adding persons
Removing or adding objects
Color enhancing
Creating unique graphics for specific uses

See Graphic samples

How to send photos
You can send us photos as follows;
1. By post.
2. Scanned digital data file (highest quality JPG image format), copy into a CD or floppy disk.
3. If the digital file is less than 3 MB, please send as an attached image file with an e-mail.
For other graphic works, please contact with your specific need.
Also, we create web sites at very economic rates. Please ask.

Prices are starting from 2500 Yen or 25 AUS $ for each work and depending on the workload of each photo.
Works like color enhancements and changes of small elements in photos cost only 1000 yen (or 10 AUS $).
You will get 1 printed copy and the digital data file of your reformed photo. More copies can be supplied at an extra cost (100 yen per copy). No additional charges for post (excluding registered post) and CDs. You can pay after we return your original photo with a small copy of your completed work.

Payment method
You can pay through a bank or a post office (in Australia and in Japan).

Contact us
Please contact us by sending a mail to, Then, we will send you all necessary information in cluding adresses in Japan and Australia.

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